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"Perhaps one did not want to be loved so much as to be understood."

- ― George Orwell (via psych-quotes)

(via psych-quotes)


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If your body is asking for food, the hunger will gradually develop. Emotional hunger is a response to some sort of negative experience or feeling and is usually more of a sudden onset of a craving for a specific food. With emotional hunger you will also feel the need to eat immediately. If you’re still not sure, wait a few minutes and see what happens. As you do this more and more it will become easier for you to distinguish between the two.
One thing that can help with anger is feeling a sense of power. Things like running, dancing, or other strong physical activities are a great way to get that energy out of your body. Depending on what works for you- you may also want to try something more calming. Slow down, let your mind relax… sometimes that can help you to organize your thoughts which may bring on the realization that whatever your angry about isn’t all that bad or is something you can work on by staying focused. Don’t forget to address your anger. None of this means to disregard it, push it back, or try to completely forget about it. You can’t bottle these things up inside. What you want to do is calm yourself, release that negative energy, and organize your thoughts so you can handle the anger in a safe and effective way.
If you’re lonely, reach out to someone. Text, phone, video chat, in person. Even just going outside for a walk or going to a coffee shop with your laptop.You don’t always have to be directly socializing with people as long as you’re around them. Short term loneliness is sometimes alleviated by simply being in the presence of other people.
If you’re tired, take a look at your schedule. Are you overworking yourself? You may need to make set times within your schedule to take a break. Scheduling breaks may sound weird… but you need it. Don’t burn yourself out. Don’t take on more than you can handle.Also take a look at your sleep schedule. Are you getting the rest you need? Maybe you need to set an earlier time to get to bed in order to wake up feeling refreshed. Your body will thank you.The last thing is that you can’t be afraid take time for yourself or say no to things. 

Some things I would like to clear up about psychiatric hospitals


Some of the people who visited me while I was an inpatient said they were surprised at how homely it was. For those who are interested in what it is like inside a psych hospital, I hope this helps to explain it:

The wards don’t look like this;imagethey’re a little bit more like this.image

If you’re…

I think people forget that I’m still in the process of recovering. And that it isn’t a bad thing but it’s something that I’m still working on to make myself the happiest and healthiest I can be.


Fighting every day to get farther and farther away from my eating disorder. And it’s working :)

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